Bring your dreams to the world stage

Shooting in an LED Volume with in-camera VFX gives you creative control, efficiency and speed to tell the right story, faster.

Make the impossible, Possible

and Design

With over 30 years of experience in VFX, and film techniques we know how to ensure the performance of Virtual set displays on-Camera.

Let us assist with the design of your next studio environment, to ensure you achieve the results required.


Complete turn-key installation services for Virtual Production sets including specification of rigging and LED Volume walls, power requirements and infrastructure.


Support Services

Our technical experts are here to support you.

TWIMC offers a variety of service options including: on-set support, installation support, and routine maintenance packages.

We also offer assistance with implementation of Unreal Engine and Camera-Tracking Technology into your existing stage.

Virtual Location

Capture & LED
Volume Content

Our teams can capture, create, and explore locations for use in the Virtual Production process. Through our GO (Global Objects) team we can acquire and capture real world locations in hyper-detail and bring this into Unreal Engine.

Any location, from anywhere in the world, can be brought onto your stage with compelling photo-realism.

LED Volumetric

Fully immerse actors in virtual sets with real-time in-camera VFX and environments created with state-of-the-art LED volumetric stages.


Blocking and framing decisions can be explored in virtual locations using VR headsets and virtual cameras.

Mixed Reality

Motion captured actors can be brought into a live action environment to drive digital puppets that can interact live with actors on the virtual LED volume.


With LED, your creativity is virtually unlimited.

The use of image output from real-time engines to a live LED wall in combination with camera tracking to produce final-pixel imagery, completely in camera, represents the state of the art for virtual production. Real time rendering enables immediate feedback that helps teams test ideas and make decisions in the moment. What you see is what you get. It’s the future we have always wanted, and now, it’s here.